Sergio Stagnaro, MD, born in Sestri Levante (Genoa) 7th, december,1931, graduate in Medicine and Surgery 16th, november, 1956 at University of Genoa, specialized at University of Pavia on Blood-Gastrointestinal- and Metabolic- Diseases (1959), worked as internal physician in Clinica Medica of Genoa University (directed by Prof. Lorenzo Antognetti). He developed since 1955 the old method of bed-side diagnosing Auscultatory Percussion, founded, 1970, the Auscultatory Percussion-Reflex Diagnostics and eventually in 1990 the Biophysical Semeiotics, which allows the doctors to evaluate clinically the deterministic chaos of biological systems. The November 2007, he has founded Quantum Biophysical Semeiotics thanks to quantum physics knowledge, he learned by his friend Paolo Manzelli, former Chief of Chemistry Departement at Florence University. The results of his researches are in  more than five hundred articles, partly posted on the most famous websites, and six books ("Nuovi Aspetti di Semeiotica Medica", out of print, "Introduzione alla Semeiotica Biofisica. Il Terreno Oncologico", "La Melatonina nella Terapia del Terreno Oncologico e del Reale Rischio Oncologico.", "Le Costituzioni  Semeiotico-Biofisiche. Strumento clinico fondamentale per la prevenzione primaria e la definizione della Single Patient Based Medicine.", "Single Patient Based Medicine. La Medicina Basata sul Singolo Paziente: Nuove Indicazioni della Melatonina.", "Teoria Patogenetica Unificata" -the last five edited by Travel Factory in Rome-). From 1992 is Active Member of the New York Acdemy of Sciences. His biography is mentioned in the most famous who's who , among them Whos Who in the World (from 1996 to 2019),  Whos Who in the World 2018, Whos Who in America (from 1996 to 2009), Dictionary of International Biographies, Whos Who in the 21st Century (IBC di Cambridge), American Bibliographycal Institute 500 greatest Geniuses of the 21st Century (since 2007), Whos Who in Medicine and Health Care 2018, since april 2007 he is included in the book "Outstanding Scientists Worldwide 2007". Since february 2002 holds the blog "Semeiotica Biofisica Quantistica" he informs  about his clinical ongoing research, and criticizes constructively  articles published in the most outstanding  peer-reviews of the world.Since October 2005 its article are posted in a regular manner in India's premier medical portal as Cyber Lectures.Tra le pi recenti scoperte figurano i Reali Rischi Congeniti, Dipendenti dalle relative Costituzioni, la Terapia Quantistica, la Diagnostica Psicocinetica, (,  born after  the "Lory's Experiment", the clinical demonstration of Water Memory-Information, the relationship between Mamma Adipose Tissue and Breast Cancer, (

Dott. Sergio Stagnaro
Via Erasmo Piaggio N 23/8 16037 Riva Trigoso (Genova) Italy.

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